Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new? Nope!

Motivational speaker: Fresh lotus root, leftover galbi from last week

Body: Instead of throwing out (good) leftovers, I have consistently tried to make new dishes out of them that I think would be tasty. The other day I made a tad bit too much Chili, which might I add was a big hit at work and at home, and once the tortilla chips and garlic cheese biscuits were gobbled up, I needed to do something with it for lunch. Not being much of a meat eater to begin with, I knew I needed something to go with it. The recipe I made was deliciously reminiscent of spaghetti and so that's exactly how my next meal came to be.

What I am proud of today is my special fusion-like creation! Got your head spinning? No worries. I'll break it down for you. I sliced up some lotus root I picked up at the Chinese market (mind you, these pack some delicious crunch if you're into that kind of thing - think water chestnuts) and wok-fried that with some leftover galbi from Thang Thang A Family Restaurant. And voila! I was pleasantly surprised with a dish that I am able to take with me for lunch until the end of the week.

Check it out! Note that lotus root comes to your grocery stores in a shade of 'nude' but darkens when cooked.

Food Lesson: Combine old with new for something spectacular!

Life Lesson: Be resourceful with what you have, you can still create new treasures when you think outside the box.

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