Thursday, April 29, 2010


This post is dedicated to the joy we find in mini-indugences, spefically from cupcakes! My friends and I enjoyed $30 worth of gourmet cupcakes from Babycakes just this past weekend! :)

Uplifting agent: Babycakes (Hillcrest, ca)

their scrumptious pistachio...

spotlight on blood orange...

half eaten funky munky...

Food & Life lesson: Sharing is caring :)
Photos courtesy of Cindy Wong

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Expect the unexpected!

This purpose of this entry is more to highlight some excellent photography skills! Having a point and shoot myself, I fail to see the benefit of making the leap to purchase a SLR when my passion is really food and not the photography. Not to trump the power of photography but whatever is reliable and can do a decent job is adequate for me at this point. My friend Cindy, graphic designer, took a few photos to demonstrate that a point and shoot, when put on the right settings can get the job done, beautifully!

Motivational Speaker: Point and Shoot Cameras & Green Falafel?


Food Lesson:
Point and shoots capture close ups just fine, and Falafal IS green!

Life Lesson: Be open minded to accomplishing the unexpected and accepting the untraditional :)

Source: Hummus House

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet rewards

Motivational Speaker: Unconventional Food Cravings

Story: It was late one night at work while I developed some unconventional food cravings. I had a stressful day, and I had been eating poorly ALL week long. So I thought, why would it matter if I continued my unhealthy eating streak for one more day? Then I imagined indulging in a large bowl of ice cream. But I stopped myself and thought, do I even deserve it? Probably not. My health deserved better, so then what should I do to earn it? A 3 mile run at the gym!

Food Lesson: Don't find a reason to perpetuate a bad eating habit. Breaking away from the habit today is better than later. Consider rewarding yourself with indulgent foods after you've done something active and freed up some of your caloric needs.

Life Lesson: Work hard, as rewards only taste as sweet as the hard work you've put in to earn them.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Keepin' it simple

Motivational Speaker: Mon Ami Gabi's Frisee & Bacon Salad

Story: Fortunately and unfortunately, my inability to order French food was noted quickly by my waiter one beautiful Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas. Ivan and I gawked with blank stares at the foreign menu, taking a stab with what we craved and finalizing our orders at something "French" - the Quiche Lorraine and something "Healthy" - the Lemon Chicken Paillard. I was growing disappointed that I was still missing the point of this place - in fact, it was that Mon Ami Gabi was a steak house. But I wanted to dine on something different, unique. Finally, we decided on a starter, a salad. And our waiter said to us verbatim, "If you want something different and really special, I recommend the Frisee & Bacon Salad". My heart lifted as my food prayer was answered. We agreed to it and we were both pleasantly surprised.

I couldn't wait to remake this masterpiece of a salad consisting of a poached egg, frisee lettuce, fresh cracked pepper, a light sweet vinagrette, spotted with chunky bacon pieces and shaved parmesan . And so I did!

Mine had the same poached egg, but to stir things up a bit, I used a Spring Herb Mix & Baby Arugula, fresh cracked pepper, home made balamic vinegar with extra virgin olive oil, and some cut up microwaved bacon with coursely shredded parmesan.

My results were a overpowering burst of flavors - just a bit too much going on, in my opinion. The bitter lettuces took a lot away from the salad but the creaminess of the runny yolk helped out a bit. And so for next time, I realized I'd have better results by keepin' in simple.

Food Lesson: Don't overwhelm a dish by trying to add too many opposing flavors and ingredients!

Life Lesson: Don't make things more complicated than they need to be. You will be pleasantly suprised by how great things can turn out to be when you leave things simple.

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