Monday, April 12, 2010

Keepin' it simple

Motivational Speaker: Mon Ami Gabi's Frisee & Bacon Salad

Story: Fortunately and unfortunately, my inability to order French food was noted quickly by my waiter one beautiful Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas. Ivan and I gawked with blank stares at the foreign menu, taking a stab with what we craved and finalizing our orders at something "French" - the Quiche Lorraine and something "Healthy" - the Lemon Chicken Paillard. I was growing disappointed that I was still missing the point of this place - in fact, it was that Mon Ami Gabi was a steak house. But I wanted to dine on something different, unique. Finally, we decided on a starter, a salad. And our waiter said to us verbatim, "If you want something different and really special, I recommend the Frisee & Bacon Salad". My heart lifted as my food prayer was answered. We agreed to it and we were both pleasantly surprised.

I couldn't wait to remake this masterpiece of a salad consisting of a poached egg, frisee lettuce, fresh cracked pepper, a light sweet vinagrette, spotted with chunky bacon pieces and shaved parmesan . And so I did!

Mine had the same poached egg, but to stir things up a bit, I used a Spring Herb Mix & Baby Arugula, fresh cracked pepper, home made balamic vinegar with extra virgin olive oil, and some cut up microwaved bacon with coursely shredded parmesan.

My results were a overpowering burst of flavors - just a bit too much going on, in my opinion. The bitter lettuces took a lot away from the salad but the creaminess of the runny yolk helped out a bit. And so for next time, I realized I'd have better results by keepin' in simple.

Food Lesson: Don't overwhelm a dish by trying to add too many opposing flavors and ingredients!

Life Lesson: Don't make things more complicated than they need to be. You will be pleasantly suprised by how great things can turn out to be when you leave things simple.

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