Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet rewards

Motivational Speaker: Unconventional Food Cravings

Story: It was late one night at work while I developed some unconventional food cravings. I had a stressful day, and I had been eating poorly ALL week long. So I thought, why would it matter if I continued my unhealthy eating streak for one more day? Then I imagined indulging in a large bowl of ice cream. But I stopped myself and thought, do I even deserve it? Probably not. My health deserved better, so then what should I do to earn it? A 3 mile run at the gym!

Food Lesson: Don't find a reason to perpetuate a bad eating habit. Breaking away from the habit today is better than later. Consider rewarding yourself with indulgent foods after you've done something active and freed up some of your caloric needs.

Life Lesson: Work hard, as rewards only taste as sweet as the hard work you've put in to earn them.

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