Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Embrace each element

Nothing beats the natural fun of a potluck party, especially when you gather a diverse group of friends together for a meal. I was able to experience some potluck fun this past weekend!

Motivational Speaker: Potluck partaaaay

I attemped to make the best meatballs ...instead we made use of our dinner rolls which turned into beef sliders! Spontaneous imrov, right?

My other potluck/bbq specialty...Shrimp Skewers! Secret ingredient being Old Bay Spice and lots of butter.

Unfortunately we didn't take all that many pictures of the rest of the food. But one worthy mention was my boyfriend's Chinese sausage garlic fried rice, which was definitely a HIT.

At the end of the potluck I decided the most unique and flavorful potluck item was the Turon that my boyfriend's fellow Filipina colleague brought! I absolutely fell in love with this banana and jackfruit filled dessert. I wanted to highlight the dish because the elements of the dessert were mind-boggling delicious. You have my favorite two elements of guilty eating pleasure: crispiness and glazed goodness! Then you'll note the natural intense sweetness of mashed banana and jackfruit, served warm. It was an orgasmic indulgence!!!

Food Lesson: Embrace foods from all different cultures.

Life Lesson: We should appreciate the different cultures around us and the many unique elements that make up our experiences with them.

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