Friday, October 14, 2011

honey honey honey

An episode of Cake Boss, a fb post on honey waffle energy snacks, and a commercial with vivid images of honey have brought me to THIS! I'm excited to see where this idea takes me and I hope you will ride this wave of golden sweetness with me :)

My first honey baking adventure starts with smitten kitten's moist honey cake! I stumbled upon Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey and HAD to buy a bottle to add to the recipe. It came out deliciously moist. Some said it tasted like a holiday. My take? The honey cake tastes like a mix between honey graham cracker, banana bread, and a gingerbread man cookie. Honestly, it's a one of a kind treat.

I want to piggy back off this honey cake onto my next baking adventure to create a honey whoopee pie! What flavor to sandwich between these amazing honey whiskey patties??? Leaning towards something nutty, like almond :)

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