Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two peas in a pod

Motivational Speaker: Cauliflower with White Cheese Pasta Shells (Trader Joe's)

Body: This dish was as easy to make as it was to think up! Naturally, without even checking any recipe website, I had already had the idea to combine cauliflower with cheese pasta in my head. Cauliflower's volatility in texture and lightness in flavor seemed to bake well with a thick, cheese sauce and pasta. Who knew how popular these two ingredients were together. Shortly thereafter, I found tons of recipe sites which paired these two star studded performers in the same dish! I'm telling you, they were destined to be together.

To top it off, the mister had just purchased me a Magic Bullet and so I was eager to grind up some bread crumbs to add as a finishing touch to this casserole/bake.

The Super Duo in action: Cauliflower with White Cheese Pasta Shells (Trader Joe's)

After some Magic Bullet Fun...

Food Lesson: Veggies and cheese go great together!

Life Lesson: Certain people and some things naturally have an amazing connection, so embrace the beauty of those bonds when you find them.

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